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Minitek System Messages Pro 3.0.8 & 4.1.0
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Minitek System Messages is a plugin that displays Joomla system messages in pop-up notifications that don't obstruct the work flow and yet keep the user informed.

Plug & Play

The plugin automatically replaces the default Joomla message container as soon as it is enabled.

Sticky Messages

Messages can be sticky or can close automatically after a specific amount of time.

Application Messages

Display core messages or messages from 3rd party extensions that are added to the system message queue.

Actions Log

Display activities performed on the website to users of specific access levels in supported extensions.

Select Layout

The plugin comes with 2 different themes for popups. The Pro version also includes a panel layout.

Customize Display

Customize colors separately for each message type, set transition speed, and group messages of same type.

Form Validation Messages

Display form validation messages from extensions that follow the default Joomla form validation behavior.

Real-Time Messages

Show message to user when user session expires and/or display logged-in users count.

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