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Pro Sticky Message 3.0.3
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This extension allows you to easily display great looking messages for customers, members, and visitors of your website in a floating window.

The customizable message can be anything from an invitation, to an advertisement promoting your newest product, to whatever else you need to attract customers and visitors, using plain text or HTML.

Use this product to display promotions, notices or load your favorite module / plugin inside your message(s).

With Pro Sticky Message, you can include pictures, custom HTML code, flash files, videos or virtually any content.

It can be positioned anywhere on page ( bottom / top / left or right ) or in the center of your page.

With its audio & video player, it is easier than ever to set up audio or video messages, reminders, and more.

Want to go further? Add you favourite module or plugin to display accordions, tabs, news or any type of content you need. You are now in control of your messages with Pro Sticky Messages!

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Version 3.0.3 Created
System Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3 Changed 2023-09-19
Developer ProJoom
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 19.99 $ EUR
  • Individual messages for guests
  • Individual messages for members (selectable by user groups)
  • Management component for custom HTML message with editor support
  • Load a Joomla article as a message
  • Load any Module / Plugin inside message
  • Load any type of Newsleter and other forms
  • NO influence from pop-up blockers
  • Positioning anywhere on the page
  • Delayed message
  • Random messages
  • Group permission
  • Advert links (scrollable)
  • Multiple cookie options
  • Target message to specific Joomla users!
  • Audio player
  • Video player
  • Auto close
  • Styles
  • 24+ click here to preview
  • Custom styles
  • Fading on close
  • Timer
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