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ExtStore Mega Popup 1.0.1
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Mega Popup is a outstanding Joomla 3 extension developed by ExtStore team, which will help you create a great and functional popup for your site. The popup have a attractive look, neat and useful content, awesome animation.

Mega Popup helps you to increase the effect of your marketing campaign and the traffic of your site.


  • Powerful Builder: Creating a popup was never so easy!
    • Visual builder allows you see how popup look like on frontend.
    • Selectable, draggable, resizable, and rotatable layers in visual builder makes it fun to decorate the popup’s content.
    • Editting tools with shortcuts: Duplicate Layer (Ctrl + D), Remove Layer (Delete), Undo (Ctrl + Z), Redo (Ctrl + Y).
  • Layers System:
    • There are 4 built-in layer types: Image, Text, HTML, and SnowFall. More types will be added in the future for sure. Image Layer: Allows you add image, hover image into your popup. Furthermore, it allows you click to close popup, on/off music, or open a link.
    • Text Layer: You can add popup’s content with Google Font support and all typography options.
    • HTML Layer: If image and text layer is not enough for you, HTML layer is the thing you need. You can add form or special html tag into your popup’s content.
    • SnowFall Layer: Add snow fall effect for your popup.
    • Plugin support: If you are a developer, you can write your own plugin to define more layer types. It’s easy!
  • Layer Animation: Don’t make your popup boring, make it interesting.
    • You can set when a layer show, or when it hide with many options of effect and easing.
    • There are some effects that make your users feel your popup is not boring: fade, move from/to left, move from/to right, move from/to top, move from/to bottom.
  • Tons of other features:
    • Import/Export Popup: Allows you to backup or share your popup easily.
    • Template Support: Allows you apply a predefined popup template to you new popup.
    • Popup Music: The popup can play a music while appearing.
    • Responsive Design: The user experiences are the same for any screen: PC, tablet or mobile.
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ExtStore Mega Popup 1.0.1
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