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CB Package Builder 6.2.0
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Most powerful and flexible file download solution for Joomla. This CB plugin lets you transform your digital files into packages that can only be downloaded by authorized users. Joomla ACL is supported along with built in conditions (based on user CB field values) can be used for download authorization. CB Packager Bot, CBSubs Packager Bot and CB Packager module also available.


A file from your CB Package Builder repository can be linked to a package with it's own description, dependendies on other packages, marketing image, and you can also protect it and require an active CBSubs subscription (it comes with a CBSubs integration plugin) for downloading.


A CB Package Builder Preset is just a set of packages that are dynamically zipped together in a single installable file. This is a great way to give your a single file that will automatically install all needed elements of a product.

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Every user gets a History tab that keeps track of CB Packages or Presets that were downloaded by the user.


Powerful configuration parameters let you configure many aspects of the CB Package Builder functionality and presentation layer.

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