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Chameleon changes the way your site looks and acts under different conditions. It's like a multi-site extension, except your site can respond to much more than just domains…


  • use different template for mobile/tablet devices.
  • change branding/menus on your site for visitors coming from an affiliate or from a different country (GeoIP).

You simply set up "conditions" to be detected, plus the "actions" to be performed when the conditions are met. Chameleon does the rest!

Chameleon detects:

  • ★ Browser (IE v6, FF, iPhone, iPad, tablet, mobile etc; using Categorizr for smart detection)
  • Browser language
  • Date, time, time of day
  • Page type (article, category, front page etc)
  • Virtuemart page types, products, cart contents, categories & coupons
  • Hikashop page types, categories & specific items
  • K2 page types, categories, authors & more
  • User id and group, logged-in & logged-out users
  • Article id, section, category & tags (J3.x)
  • Component
  • Site domain/sub-domain
  • Page URL & referrer
  • Random probability
  • GeoIP detection of the guest’s city/country
  • All "children" of a given menu or menu item
  • Anything else you can detect with a snippet of PHP.

After it detects any of these, Chameleon can perform any of these dynamic "actions" on the current page:

  • set the template/style
  • unpublish/rename menu items
  • unpublish plugins
  • switch the "default" Joomla page (site home page)
  • switch which menu item will be highlighted as "Active"
  • internal or external redirection
  • dynamic find-&-replace text/HTML on the page
  • set metadata, page title, and add JS/CSS
  • set page language
  • dynamically switch VirtueMart 2.0 shopper group (and pricing structure)
  • run PHP code

More examples:

  • Use a different template and change some menu items depending on which "group" the user is in
  • Switch off comments plugin for a certain content category
  • Use a different template just for IE users
  • Use a different template if your site is embedded in FaceBook
  • Do A/B testing of 2 different templates, chosen randomly. Use different Google Analytics on each template, then compare the performance.
  • Use different templates for site.fr & site.de
  • Set up different pricing structures using VirtueMart shopper groups, then switch shopper groups based on domain name, language, time of day or country of origin
  • Timed styles, templates, menu items, and more
chameleon-config2 chameleon-content-and-components3 chameleon-details4 chameleon-environment5 chameleon-menu-handling6 chameleon-php7 chameleon-quick-rules8 chameleon-succeed-19
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