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4SEO is a modern, integrated solution for Joomla SEO.

It constantly analyzes your site to find important pages and add meta data, structured data, build sitemap and much more

4SEO also provides you with tools for every day SEO work: redirections, content replacement, robots.txt...

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Version Created
System Joomla 3 & 4 Changed 2023-08-26
Website JED external Developer Weeblr external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 95 $ EUR

4SEO covers all important SEO areas

  • Page canonicalization
  • Page metadata management: on frontend or backend
  • Structured data generation generation: automated or manual
  • Social networks meta tag generation: automatic sharing image detection, OGP and Twitter Cards tags
  • XML Sitemaps generation and automatic submission to search engines
  • Errors detection: 4SEO finds broken links and tells you exactly where they are
  • Redirections: one or many pages at a time with simple rules, no more fiddling with .htaccess
  • Content replacement: replace content, or link to pages automatically
  • Analytics management: multiple providers including Cloudflare or Clarity

4SEO is fast

Search engines require speed today. 4SEO is one single fast extension, much faster than multiple extensions that must re-calculate the same data over and over. All information about a page is gathered and fetched only once.

Now you can replace your metadata extension, your sitemap extension, your structured data extension, your redirection extension, your content replacer extension (and more) with just one single fast extension.

4SEO is easy to use

  • Single-page application (using svelte.js) for fastest interaction
  • Validate and customize information from the front-end
  • Fully documented with videos. The documentation is embedded in 4SEO itself as well.

4SEO is extensible

4SEO can be extended programmatically with a documented set of hooks. Customize or extend it with a few lines of code for advanced processes.

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