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JV-ContentLinks 4.1
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JV-ContentLinks = Internal, External Links Management + Keyword Advertising Extension

JV-ContentLinks is a Joomla! extension, that will dynamically convert keywords to links in articles and blog posts. It enables you to configure links for keywords at Joomla backend and will automatically replace keywords with their defined links, when corresponding articles and blog posts are viewed in frontend. That is not all, JV-ContentLinks also provides you the ability to advertise on keywords and earn money. It also provides a smooth PayPal payment integration for your advertising transactions. It also monitors the links on keywords and removes them as they expire

Views 4,887 Downloads 18
Version 4.1 Created
System Joomla 2.5 & 3 Changed 2019-11-20
Website JED external Developer JV-Extensions external
License GNU/GPL external Original Price in Developer Site 30 $ EUR

What does JV-ContentLinks do for your site?
- Direct SEO benefit by building internal and external links for your website
- JV-ContentLinks lets you manage your keywords and its' links even if you do not want to do advertising on keywords
- Provides you complete end to end solution for keyword advertising
- JV-ContentLinks makes it very easy for you to make the "link juice" flow to the right article, which Google can then easily mark as THE important one
- Prevents keyword cannibalism
- JV-ContentLinks supports unlimited keywords for link management and advertising
- Great SEO enhancement, a must if you care about search engine positioning
- Enhances the return of investment

JV-ContentLinks will monitor the keywords and remove links automatically, once the duration expires. So you need not worry about removing links on keywords once the advertising time line expires. JV-ContentLinks gives you to the ability to manually activate links at backend, archive links, delete links in articles, all without the need to open the article and edit it. Supports upto 18 different foreign currencies in transaction using PayPal.

3PD Extensions Compatibility:
JV-CL is compatible with K2 and EasyBlog extensions too! in native mode and can replace keywords with links in several other extensions.

Keyword Magic:
Admin can now add keyword links from site frontend in a few seconds by double clicking a word in article and providing a url to it. Adding a link is so easy with JV-ContentLinks

Latest New features:
1) EasyBlog Integration
2) Option to show/hide powered by text
3) Latest installer based on ajax
4) Checks for h1 and h2 tags in all content around them
5) Menu items dropdown is generated in a more Joomla fashion now, while adding new link or editing existing link

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