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RSSeo! 1.21.17 HOT
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RSSeo! is packed with tools that will help you improve the overall SEO score of your Joomla! site (2.5 / 3). With RSSeo!, metadata can be managed with ease in a single location.

These are just a few of the features that we are proud of:


  • Monitor and compare the SEO performances of your competitors against yours
  • Compare them using compare.com
  • Check the page rank, google, yahoo and bing backlinks and the number of indexed pages

Website Pages:

  • Index all your website pages
  • Each page gets a grade based on its SEO performance
  • Follow the simple instructions to optimize each and every page and make it SEO perfect
  • Set up Unique title for each page, unique description and set up keywords


  • Set up permanent or temporary redirects for the old links


  • Generate the complete Google and Yahoo! Sitemap for ALL your website!


  • Crawl all your website to index all the web pages
  • Set up links that you want to ignore from crawling(ideal for user profiles, etc..)
  • Set up automatic crawler to index new found pages when these are visited


  • Monitor your Google position for the keywords that are important to your business
  • Automatically bold, underline or assign links to keywords when they are found in the front-end

Integration with Google Analytics

  • Traffic sources report
  • Visitors report
  • Content report
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RSSeo! 1.21.13
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