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Shack Open Graph Pro 3.0.1
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When you share Joomla links on Facebook and Twitter, those sites don't find the correct information ... unless you use Shack Open Graph.

This plugin adds Open Graph and Twitter Card tags to your site. These tags help Facebook and Twitter to pull the correct image and description from your site.

If your site looks on social media, the more people will share your news! Try Shack Open Graph today and share your site on Facebook or Twtiter ... see how good your articles look!

Open graph tags for Facebook

Shack Open Graph improves your site's sharing capabilities on Facebook. The Shack Open Graph plugin tells Facebook which image, title and description to use.

Twitter card support

Share your site links on Twitter with Twitter card support. The Shack Open Graph plugin tells Twitter which image, title and description to use.

Easy to set up

Setting up Shack Open Graph is easy. You can enter your Twitter handle, your site's default images and many other settings.

Exclude private areas of your site

If you have private content that should not be shared, Shack Open Graph allows you to exclude those areas of your site.

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Joomla 2.5
Perfect Open Graph Tags 1.1.14
Joomla 3 & 4
Shack Open Graph Pro 3.0.1
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