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CoalaWeb Traffic is designed to help website administrators keep track of the visitors to their site. The information can then be viewed in a front end module or in more detail through the admin area control panel.

Component options and features

  • Control Panel with quick reference statistics
  • Locktime in minutes.
  • Three week start options.
  • Pre-set Counter.
  • 4 automatic clean up options.
  • Project Honeypot integration.
  • Known IP categories.
  • Known IP list for easy monitoring and blocking.
  • GEO Location including country and city.
  • Quick reference help.
  • View visitors in list format: IP, Browser Type, Browser Version, Platform (OS), Referer Link, Date, Time, Assigned Name and Location(Geo)

Module options and features

  • Individual Counters (8 styles)
  • Display options for today, yesterday, week, month and all
  • Digital Counter (8 styles).
  • Multiple Layouts including module and counter widths.
  • Visitor Info: IP, Browser Type, Browser version and Operating System
  • Accurate who is online information using cookies.
  • Date and time display including format.
  • Change text for all visible fields.
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