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Current visitors, Statistics, Location, Heatmap, Clicks, SEO Report, Users, Downloads, Traffic Flow, Goals, IP Blocking, Graphs, History, Email Reports, Directory Sizes, Database Status, Settings

Click Heat Map

  • heat map with all time clicks per page
  • latest clicks
  • heat map per day
  • 1-day, 7-day, 28-day change and chart
  • navigation between days on loaded heat map

Element Clicks

  • most popular clicked html elements of all time
  • latest, daily
  • 1-day, 7-day, 28-day change and chart
  • coloring elements on page based on their popularity


  • report of keywords (if passed from google)
  • search result position
  • how many times page was found using that keyword
  • 1-day, 7-day, 28-day change
  • chart with number of visits per particular keyword

Download Monitor

  • add file extension to monitor
  • see chart of download per filename
  • see log of most recent downloads (time, IP, user, referrer)
  • possibility to allow download only from particular site

Visitors on your site stats

  • visitor location, browser, OS, user agent, page
  • referer
  • keyword used to get to the website
  • keyword position from google
  • time difference since first visit
  • see recent bots who are crawling your website


  • weekly statistics of unique visitspage loads, average number of page views per visit
  • daily and weekly stats for: goals, social media, referers, most popular pages, countries, browsers, OS, mobile devices used to access the site, registered users, internal page flow


  • see most recent location of visitors on a map


  • last time when user visited the site
  • username, real name, IP, country
  • possibility to block user
  • alerting suspicious activity - one user which uses multiple IP

Traffic Flow

  • interactive chart how internal flow between pages looks like
  • number of visits between pages in table


  • list of defined goals
  • send email when goal was achieved what steps preceded that goal
  • new goal (conditions: visited page, title, username, IP, came from, country, clicked HTML element, URL parameter and value, FORM parameter and value)
  • block user based on goal conditions
  • redirect user based on goal conditions

Blocking and anti-spam

  • enter IP to block manually
  • import 3rd party IP blacklist in CSV format
  • list of blocked IP, reason and link to unblock
  • editable spam word blacklist


  • daily and weekly charts of:
  • referrers, keyphrase, keywords, page, users, goals, country, ip, browser, os, database table size


  • same as visitors section (added paging)

Email Reports

  • nightly reports with value, percentage, 1-day, 7-day, 28-day change:
  • unique hits, page loads, goals, referrers, key phrases, keywords, social media, mobile devices, users, pages, internal flow, countries, browsers, OS

Database Status

  • list of DB tables: number of records, table size, 1-day, 7-day, 28-day size change
  • chart

Directory Sizes

  • list of joomla components and size of each directory
  • list of joomla modules and size of each directory
  • alerting size increase
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5 years ago
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4 years ago
This doesn't work, it requires a membership registration key to proceed... Do you have one?
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Joomla! Share
Joomla! Share
4 years ago
Hi, To get license for your domain login to your account in joomlashare.ir and then open below link:
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