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Quantity related price calculation 1.8.6
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The quantity plugin enables you to configure pricing, and quality differentials per product / category, based on almost any parameter you might require, examples being, percentages, fixed amounts or volume of order. With the version this you can combine quantities of different products within a category. You can also combine different variants of one product.

Example: If you want to sell single products for $10 each but want to sell 100 of the same items / product, for $8.00 each, this can easily be achieved using the Istraxx quantity plugin, you can also adjust prices by percentage per volume and many more possible calculations.
The plugin integrates seamlessly into the calculation edit view, and is easy to set up and use.

You can adjust:

  • fixed quantity
  • multiple of a quantity
  • range table
  • configure/combine per category
  • combine variants
  • show prices as table on the product detail page

This plugin helps you to easily benefit and enhance the strong calculation rules of VirtueMart 2, combined with these new options and possible different calculation dependencies, already provided with VirtueMart 2, you are able to easily set up and increase sales by volume.

Easy to set up within VirtueMart calculation rules.

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