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In Europe there is a new law coming into effect that governs how cookies can be used on websites. Essential cookies, such as ones used in shopping carts, are fine however if you use any form of non-essential cookie on your website you must first gain permission before activating those non-essential cookies.

Core Features

Font Size

Control font size All text & Button Text also.


Mobile Device Compatible

Match you Site

Full controls to match your site without modifying template

Easy to Integrate

This Module is very easy to use

Custom Color

You can change the description text, background and the button color according to your site’s theme color.

Light Weight

The  plugin is very light weight and load fast without compromising site speed

jk-cookie-alert-message-notice-12 jk-cookie-alert-message-notice-23 jk-cookie-alert-message-notice-34 jk-cookie-alert-message-notice-45
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