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eXtroParallaxer 1.0.0
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Especially for responsive design of Parallax effects on mobile devices, we have developed the eXtroParallaxer which supports e.g. Android and IOS devices.

When scrolling, it moves its content with a different speed than the scrolling speed - this can create the illusion of depth in your 2D desktop window, also know as parallax effect.

This does not only work with images, but also with videos and even normal HTML content!
(videos can be taken from youtube, vimeo, or as self hosted mp4)

The parallax effect can be controlled in the backend, you can set such parameters as animation type, duration or direction, and much more.

A especially cool effect can be generated when setting the mode to element - this will animate the whole module in the frontend, not only its content.
This means, the module will 'float' a bit when the user scrolls the page - a unique effect only available with eXtroParallaxer!

Another highlight is the full width mode - the module will then use full width of the browser window and break out of its original module position.
This is especially useful if you want a full width effect but have no full width module positions in your template.

Additionally, the Parallax effect is of course fully responsive - settings can be made for each of the BS3 resolutions (XS, SM, MD, LG).
Naturally, the parallax effect also works on mobile devices, such as Android, WindowsPhone and ios.

Quick feature overview:

  • creates a parallax effect
  • supports images, videos and HTML
  • works on mobile and desktop browsers
  • supports full width
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