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Hot Photo Gallery 3.5.1
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Joomla Gallery plugin - Hot Photo Gallery is all that you need to make Photo Galleries of images directly in content pages of your Joomla website! This Joomla gallery plugin creates thumbnail images and slide show automatically from your collection of photos.

This plugin will do the rest for you! What it actually does?

  1. Automatically makes thumbnail images and save them in /thumbs subfolder of your folder with images. You can define thumbnail image width in the plugin properties, default value is 200 (Extensions > Plugins > Photo Gallery Plugin).
  2. Replaces your command described above with a set of thumbnail images. You select how many images per row in the plugin properties, default value is 3.
  3. Create Lightbox slide show. Click on any thumbnail will open larger image in Lightbox pop-up. User can browse images (prev/next) in the pop-up.

Regarding the page styling you have the following options in the plugin settings (Extensions > Plugins > Photo Gallery Plugin):

  1. Border color, mouse-over color and border width.
  2. Padding between border and thumbnail image.
  3. Horizontal and vertical margins between thumbnail images.

This plugin uses jQuery JavaScript library and it works in no-conflict mode, so you can use it together with other scripts.

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Hot Photo Gallery 1.5.25
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Hot Photo Gallery 3.5.1
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