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AcyMailing Enterprise 5.10.4 HOT Report Newer Version
(6 votes)

AcyMailing is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla.
AcyMailing enables you to efficiently manage an unlimited number of subscribers, organize them into mailing lists, send personalized newsletters (Hi {subtag:name}...)


  • No HTML knowledge required, enjoy the Newsletter creation with our drag and drop editor
  • Real time send process using a queue system with throttling enabling you to overcome ANY server limitation!
  • Subscription Module with cool effects (popup, slide effect...)
  • Handle the subscription of registered users and visitors
  • Record the User IP to stay compliant with all countries laws
  • Double opt-in and automatic unsubscribe link
  • CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Validation and Confirmation of the email address
  • Mass Subscription using filters and mass actions
  • Automatic synchronization with your Joomla Users
  • Import your users from any format: CSV, Acajoom, Letterman, Communicator, ccNewsletter, Yanc, jNews
  • Easily include Joomla Articles in your newsletter
  • Easily include any user information in your newsletter (name, e-mail, username...)
  • Facebook share and Twitter share plugins
  • Display your lists on your Joomla registration form
  • Automatically subscribe your users to one or several lists during their registration process
  • Integration with your contact form component: com_contact, Contact Enhanced, QContacts
  • Handle unlimited subscribers, lists and newsletters
  • Newsletter template management including 4 responsive newsletter-templates out of the box
  • Automatic inline-css conversion
  • Attachment capability, Embedded images option
  • Preview and Send test newsletter to an entire Joomla group or to a specific email address
  • Newsletter Statistics management (Number of Sent / Opened, HTML or text version)
  • Advanced Newsletter statistics (who opened your Newsletter and when)
  • Front-End newsletter archive section with PDF generation and print options
  • Latest Newsletters Module
  • Automatic installation of plugins, module, templates and auto-configuration
  • Handle SMTP Secured Connections (you can use GMail to send your newsletter)
  • Plug AcyMailing to an external delivery service such as Mandrill, SendGrid, ElasticEmail, Amazon SES...
  • Administrator/User Notifications
  • Integrated Documentation
  • Fully multilingual interfaces
  • No ugly AcyMailing logo in your newsletter

AcyMailing uses the Joomla MVC model to let you customize any view.
AcyMailing is translated in more than 40 languages!

Only registered and logged in users can download this file.
Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3 & Wordpress
AcyMailing Enterprise 5.10.4
  • Fanor

    # Fanor 2016-02-27 21:41

    Hello, I would like to download the file, can I do it?

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  • Humberto peredo

    # Humberto peredo 2016-10-01 05:18

    Hi. is it possible to download the specific plugins? I see in acyba site some of them need to have a suscription for download them. thanks
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  • cvvvvv

    # cvvvvv 2016-11-06 19:31

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  • Harlock

    # Harlock 2016-11-08 20:19

    Hi there,

    The download always fails at 99%…
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  • duckie

    # duckie 2017-01-28 00:55

    Thanks ! :roll:
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  • Gabriel Cavalcante

    # Gabriel Cavalcante 2017-06-17 08:52

    Hi! How I make points to download it?!
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  • Harlock

    # Harlock 2018-02-01 17:28

    Hi there,
    Well… it seems I can't access the "my downloads" section anymore. So I can't get the update. Have you changed policy ??? Or just a temporaray bug ? Thank you.
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    • Joomla! Share

      # Joomla! Share 2018-02-01 17:31

      Hi, yes. rules changed. read this: joomlashare.ir/more/system-updates
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      • Harlock

        # Harlock 2018-02-01 17:45

        Thank you for your fast answer.
        Well, that's sad to hear. You make an offer to your buyers and then change the rules.
        According to what I understand about your new "plans", this will only interest people who need many extensions / templates each month.
        Which is rarely the case I guess, except maybe when you make 3 websites each week… :-x
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        • Joomla! Share

          # Joomla! Share 2018-02-01 17:50

          Hi, no. silver plan is for users that do not need many extensions and templates and with this plan you have access to my downloads menu and also you can download 2 new extension/template like before (every download 5 points).
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          • Harlock

            # Harlock 2018-02-01 18:13

            OK, thank you, I get it better. I didn't understand you get access to previous extensions updates with silver plan. Well, that's still asking money for something that used to be free. Now we'll have to wait for the need of new extensions before updating previous extensions. Which is both less convenient and more expensive. Well… I get your point, you're here to make money, but I still think this is sad news for users. :sigh:
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            • Joomla! Share

              # Joomla! Share 2018-02-01 20:09

              Our site has grown and users expect us to keep the extensions up to date. And many of our supporters not renew their membership on other extension's sites, so we need to buy extensions own to keep those up-to-date. So silver subscription will help us to provide the cost needed to make extensions update.
              Also, if you have active membership on other sites, you can sell those to us based on those purchase price and remaining time.
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              • Harlock

                # Harlock 2018-02-01 20:37

                OK, thank you for sharing… your point of view ;-) I could even agree with some of your arguments. It's just that… I guess I would have preferred a more flexible solution, or reliable in the long term. I mean what if I'd like to get one single extension update in 3 months ? I would have to spend the same as someone who wants 2 new extensions and maybe many updates in one month. You might think "no big deal, not so much money", but I think it's not so fair. Well… I understand it's not that easy to create a model fitting everyone's needs… Anyway, thank you for your replies, no hard feelings, just talking nicely :-)
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  • Alexandra

    # Alexandra 2018-05-29 23:10

    Hi it includes also all plugin? It can be used for wordpress too? Thanks
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