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Sellacious Pro 2.0.0 Beta3
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Sellacious is a eCommerce platform available for Joomla designed to grow your business quickly. It is simple to install, user friendly interactive admin interface and comes packed with features like Enterprise level configurations, status, permission, e-wallet, listing and commission, tax and discount management etc with native Multi and single vendor architecture, Front-end product filters, Multivariant products, Caching, SEO friendly shop outputs and awesome support. Hundreds of features to explore, ready to scale to meet your low or high traffic demands, Definitely a kick-ass e-commerce and marketplace software.

  • Very Simple and user-friendly admin panel
  • Configure to your needs, disable Multi-vendor, multi variant, product comparison, etc and transform your admin panel and frontend on click of a button.
  • Simple Shop/Multi Vendor system
  • Natively Multi Vendor marketplace
  • Manage Listing Fee/commission for sellers
  • Multi Variant for each product
  • Each product can be sold by multiple sellers
  • Internal Messaging to seller and clients
  • Enterprise level management of staff/seller/client permissions
  • SEO Friendly
  • Compare Products
  • Frontend Filters
  • Custom Fields
  • Multiple level Shop rules
  • Plugin based shop rules and interface (extend the way you want)
  • Categories everything, from clients, manufacturers, products, sellers and everything else
  • Special Categories for products, like featured, bordered, or anything you want, charge sellers for making their listing special if multi vendor is enabled.
  • Return and Exchange Policy Management
  • Order status management
  • eWallet and Transaction reporting
  • Single user Multiple profiles ( the same user can be seller and staff)
  • Measurement unit management
  • Payment Method creation and management.
  • B2B Features
  • Guest Checkout
  • Smart search based Search Engine
  • Latest and Related Products modules
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  • Bladeroller

    # Bladeroller 2020-04-21 12:55

    I followed steps in order inside key.txt file.
    Key isn't working.
    Licence pro cannot be activated. :sigh:
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    • Joomla! Share

      # Joomla! Share 2020-04-23 17:38

      Hi, we tested it. if any problem, can you give us access to check?
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      • toto

        # toto 2020-04-27 12:48

        About access to my website, it won't be possible.
        Which version is installed on your website test? Free License or pro license? Because your key license doesn't upgrade free to pro license on my website. Your key works only for free license. Maybe the key license is also linked to your domain name?
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        • Joomla! Share

          # Joomla! Share 2020-04-27 13:17

          Hi, you must install our package first. we changed some code in our package to not check domain.
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          • Bladeroller

            # Bladeroller 2020-04-28 13:45

            I uninstalled all sellacious and made all the installation process and it doesn't work. When I install Sellacious_pro before Sellacious_pro_extended, I 've got an error install with "component not found". So, I have to install Sellacious_pro_extended before to get sellacious working.
            Sellacious can always see the domain of my website and determinate I have no a professional license.
            Maybe, you have missed something somewhere.
            Could you take a look to your sellacious package and make some try on others domain name?
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  • cx

    # cx 2020-05-08 12:22

    Hi, I have not managed in any way to install the license.
    What steps have you made?
    I start from scratch
    (on php 7.3) I installed the latest release of joomla 3.9.18
    then I installed
    pkg_sellacious_pro_v2.0.0-beta1 (I haven't opened the sellacious component)
    immediately after I installed
    so I opened the sellacious component.
    I inserted the license taken from the "key" file and it doesn't work!
    license error.

    Then I tried the quickstart ... it doesn't work!

    Then I tried to register an original free license on my domain, then repeat all the steps and .. it doesn't work!

    Could you please tell me how you did it?
    Is it possible to "create a license" even the quickstart so it is easier for me to install everything?
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  • Bladeroller

    # Bladeroller 2020-07-25 13:37


    please update to: v2.0.0 Beta 3

    thank you
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