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RSFiles! 1.16.29
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RSFiles! is the perfect Joomla! files & downloads manager that can also be used in internal networks.


  • Easily add files by uploading multiple files at once!
  • Group restrictions - choose which Joomla! groups have access, what they are permitted to do and where.
  • Briefcase - allow individual users to upload & download their own documents.
  • Responsive layouts, powered by Bootstrap!
  • Front-end maintenance - no need to give your managers back-end access. They will be able to add, delete and edit files straight from the front-end.
  • License agreements
  • Set download limits per files.
  • Download by email - force your visitors to supply an email address in order to download the file.
  • Mirrors - for each file you can define a set of mirros.
  • Statistics
  • Set your own custom download folder.
  • Secure the download folder with a .htaccess that prevents people from linking directly to your documents!
  • CAPTCHA and ReCAPTCHA spam prevention methods are supported!
  • RSS feeds
  • Bookmarks
  • Emails can be sent when a file is downloaded, uploaded, reported (eg. broken links).


  • RSMail! - automatically subscribe to a mailing list when the user inputs his email address to download a file.


  • Joomla! Search Plugin - allows a visitor to find files when using the Joomla! search.


  • Latest files - display a list of the latest files.
  • Folder content viewer - display files or folders from a pre-configured path.
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