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OS Flipping Books 1.5.4
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A great joomla module allows you to create the Flipping Books on your site easily and beatifully. When an article page is loaded, the module which is loaded into that article will automatically builds in the flash flip book having such options as: zooming, printing, saving, contents, navigation.

  1. Printing pages allows users to print various sets of pages of your flip book.
  2. Fixed or Liquid Sizing support helps you to integrate your flip book to your custom layout.
  3. Book Zooming helps users read highly detailed pages of your flip books.
  4. PDF Download option allows users to download the offline version of your flip book.
  5. Customizable Interface allows you to quickly configure the look and feel of your flip book: Color, Background, Sound, Speed, Zoom, Shadow, Hardcover, etc
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