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Grid 20 Pro element for YOOtheme Pro 1.4.7
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Experience unparalleled flexibility and design possibilities with the Grid Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro Builder. With its Modal Builder, unlimited Sublayouts, and 6 Nested Grids offering 8 Grid Positions, you have complete control over your layout. Take advantage of the 20 additional field sets for advanced customization across all options.

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Version 1.4.7 Created
System Joomla 3 & 4 Changed 2023-10-26
Website JED external Developer Flart Studio external
Original Price in Developer Site 32 € EUR

Grid Pro — Custom YOOtheme Pro Element

The ultimate solution for creating advanced layouts without writing a single line of code. This powerful element offers a wide range of features that will revolutionize your website design and enhance user experience.

Here are the key features of the Grid Pro Element:

  • Sublayouts: Enjoy unlimited nested subelement levels in 14 different display positions. Create complex and dynamic layouts by easily arranging subelements to achieve your desired design.
  • Modal Builder: With the Grid Pro Element, you can build stunning modals using sublayouts. Combine all available builder elements to create captivating and interactive modal pop-ups that engage your visitors.
  • Multiple Filters: Take advantage of up to 21 filter groups supported by the Grid Pro Element. Offer your users advanced filtering options to refine their search and find the exact content they are looking for. Compared to the Grid 10 Free element, which only supports standard filter navigation, this element provides a more comprehensive filtering experience.
  • Filter Dropdowns: Enhance the user interface of your grids with stylish filter dropdowns. The Grid Pro Element supports dropdown filter style with icons, allowing for a visually appealing and intuitive filtering process.
  • WooCommerce: Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce and leverage the power of AJAX add-to-cart functionality. The Grid Pro Element supports WooCommerce AJAX add to cart buttons, providing a smooth and efficient shopping experience for your customers. Configuration options can be easily accessed in the element's advanced tab.
  • Stars Rating: Enhance your content with the Stars Rating component. Display star ratings for products, reviews, or any other type of content to engage and inform your audience. The Grid Pro Element fully supports the Stars Rating component, giving you the ability to showcase ratings in a visually appealing manner.

Unlock the limitless potential of the Grid Pro Element and create stunning layouts with ease. From complex grids to interactive modals, this element offers a plethora of features to bring your website to life. Say goodbye to coding constraints and embrace the power of customization and creativity. Grid Pro Element for YOOtheme Pro also supports Multiple Filters, items SliderLightbox GalleryNested Sliders, and Mixed Width options, empowering you to create stunning and dynamic content for your website. Discover even more amazing features and elevate your website design to new heights with the Grid Pro Element by Flart Studio.

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