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Kreativa is a complete Joomla template dextrously crafted to fit into every niche related to artists, freelancers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, and other creative entrepreneurs who want to display and sell their creative creations online.

This template uses the power of EasyStore which lets you create and manage your online shop in a snap! Hence with Kreativa, get ready to empower your online portfolio with an integrated online store to ensure you achieve the very best. And that's not all – alongside EasyStore, Kreativa harnesses the clean features of SP Simple Portfolio to keep your finest work captivatingly well-organized.

This Joomla template’s QuickStart is packed with all the necessary elements and has been created with SP Page Builder 5 Pro and EasyStore! It’s made on the Helix Ultimate framework to help run your business website nicely and smoothly. So take the leap and set your impressive and creative website to the next level with Kreativa!

Time to take your creative business into the online sphere with Kreativa - the fully-fledged online portfolio template to help take your artifacts across and beyond borders. Backed by the powerful EasyStore, you can experience numerous handy features like listing your products, adding product details, shipping options, carts, payment methods, and more!

Kreativa also offers an array of pre-designed pages designed and crafted to align with diverse creative businesses. Among the many useful features, Kreativa showcases a sophisticated off-canvas menu that compliments the template's overall aesthetic. Also, the footer presents a social and Newsletter panel to keep your registered users updated and enhance traffic to your website. With Kreativa, enjoy the terrific capabilities of the latest SP Page Builder 5, Joomla 4, mighty Helix Ultimate, and PHP 8.0 to give the perfect customization experience.

Kreativa Key Features:

  • Powered by EasyStore
  • Elegantly designed Off-Canvas Menu
  • Sleek & modern layout concept
  • SP Simple Portfolio integration
  • Art & Photography-centric Home Variations
  • Dedicated Project listing & Project Details page
  • Fully fledged Shop and Shop Details pages
  • Blog pages to engage and entice
  • Effectively highlight services with Services page
  • Exclusive Gallery page
  • Speaker Reels & Press Release pages
  • Easy-to-navigate Booking pages
  • Fully functional online store, cart & payment options
  • Built-in pages for quicker site launch
  • Dedicated support and documentation
  • SP Page Builder 5 Pro & Helix Ultimate
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3 weeks ago
It is not kreativa but jewels
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Joomla! Share
Joomla! Share
2 weeks ago
Hi, fixed. thank you.
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