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Shack Analytics Pro 1.0.4
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Shack Analytics is a single extension to manage all the analytics code on your sites. 

Joomla site owners often have scripts such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Clicky, Facebook, MailChimp and other sites. But those scripts are hidden away inside random modules, plugins or template files.

Shack Analytics allows you to see all your analytics on a single screen. And Shack Analytics makes it easy to assign analytics to your whole site or to specific pages. Shack Analytics is excellent for targeting specific landing pages or "Thank You" screens.

The main features of Shack Analytics Pro

User focused Google analytics control

Loads your Google Analytics code on every page of your website. Compatible with the accept cookies feature, which also is integrated with Shack Analytics.

Track page visits in details

Now you can track single page visits or site wide activity by adding Tracking Tags Globally, per menu item or per article.

Cookie restriction made easy

Optionally prevents cookies from being saved on the visitors device.

Accept cookies module in frontend

You can give your visitors the chance to agree to accept cookies from this website on their device.

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