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Custom Tables Pro 2.0.7
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Add Tables, Fields, Layouts to create a catalog, edit form or details page. Has 40 Field Types like Integer, Decimal, Text String, Time, Email, Color, Image, File, User, Language, etc. Edit Form Input boxes depend on the field type, Date field type will show a calendar, Color - Color Picker, Image - Image Uploader, etc.
Layout Editor with Twig like language has Auto-Create button that will create a new layout based on the list of fields table has.

CustomTables Plugin - Enables PRO Version functionality and includes a plugin to place Custom Table catalog results and Custom Table single record into any article or anywhere where Content Plugins are enabled.

Views 1,112 Downloads 9
Version 2.0.7 Created
System Joomla 3 Changed 2022-07-06
Website JED Developer Joomla Boat
License GNU/GPL Original Price in Developer Site 35 $ EUR

Enables additional functionality for Custom Tables component, such as:

  1. Export Tables - Export Table structure including layouts and import them to other websites.
  2. Server Info Tag - Returns Sanitized (String) Server Environment value. Visitor IP etc.
  3. PHP Script Tag - Executes PHP script and returns the result.
  4. Custom PHP Events
  5. Content Plugins:
    • Custom Tables Catalog - Returns a catalog results into any article or elsewhere.
    • Custom Tables Record - Returns single Record by ID.
  6. Image Gallery
  7. Users may upload .zip files, if permitted by website administrator.
  8. Change Log field type. All record changes will be saved and you may go back and see previous versions of the record in the table.
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