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Category: Multiple Sites

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  • zip.png StageIt 1.0.0

    System  Joomla 3

    Welcome to StageIt - the only staging environment extension for Joomla!

    Have you got a Joomla site, and want to make changes? If so, you'll know that it's a nightmare trying to get it right.

    What if that new plugin crashes your site, or you want to make lots of changes without your users seeing what's going on until you're ready to launch the new site?

    And that's why I built StageIt - the only staging environment extension for Joomla!

    StageIt means you can make any change you like to your site, without those changes being 'live' until you're completely ready to triumphantly reveal your Joomla masterpiece!
    Here's how it works

    StageIt takes all the drama out of updating Joomla!

    License GNU/GPL external   Author Barnaby Dixon external   Website JED external  Download 6
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  • System  Joomla 2.5 & 3

    MightySites allows you to run multiply sites on same Joomla installation and share database data between different Joomla sites.

    License GNU/GPL external   Author AlterBrains external   Website JED external  Date 2016-11-11 Download 25
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  • zip.png Multi Sites Full 1.3.0 beta 5

    System  Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3

    JMS Multisites extend joomla with Multi Sites and user sharing. This allows multiple domain names or sites to have their own joomla configuration file using the same joomla installation. Possibility to share the users, and extensions like VirtueMart, Community Builder, JomSocial, ...

    License GNU/GPL external   Author Edwin2Win sprlu external   Website JED external  Date 2016-03-13 Download 56
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