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Category: Email

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  • System  Joomla 3

    Make your emails have an attractive design to give a good impression and raise your brand awareness.

    Format all email messages with your own template. Select any of the built-in examples or create your own in a WYSIWYG editor with easy place holder tags for Date, Website name and URL, Content, and more. Templates can be assigned to a specific component or system-wide and include multi-language support.

    License GNU/GPL external   Author JoomlaXTC external   Website JED external  Download 2
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  • System  Joomla 3

    Emails, files, calendars & contacts from a single view. Host and Access your data with a Joomla! site.
    ...this is your office on the cloud

    License GNU/GPL external   Author KAINOTOMO PH LTD external   Website JED external  Date 2017-02-04 Original Price in Developer Site 49.95 € Download 6
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  • System  Joomla 3

    SP Mail Client is a webmail standards-based Joomla! extension, with your site's template-like user interface. It utilizes Joomla! access control, contacts and template for rendering. It works both in back end and front end, has very few requirements and is very easy to configure.

    License GNU/GPL external   Author KAINOTOMO PH LTD external   Website JED external  Download 8
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  • zip.png Email Beautifier 2.0

    System  Joomla 3

    A must have for practically every Joomla site out there, this extension will turn the 'Vanilla' Joomla emails into a work of art.

    License GNU/GPL external   Author Techjoomla external   Website JED external  Date 2016-12-02 Download 6
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  • System  Joomla 1.5 & 2.5 & 3

    This component transforms the famous webmail client RoundCube to a Joomla component, and allows you check your emails through the Joomla platform.

    License GNU/GPL external   Author Open Source Excellence external   Website JED external  Date 2016-08-25 Download 12
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